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How to choose the best army trousers
I first bought a pair of BDU camouflage combat trousers a couple of years ago. I had the opportunity to buy another pair in a sale at the same time but I wasn’t sure whether I would like them much or wear them often. However, I am now kicking myself for not buying that other pair on sale because since then I have bought two more pairs simply because I ended up wearing my first pair all the time!

These trousers are ideal for so many uses right across the spectrum of life. From a serving soldier to the fashion conscious, from the outdoorsman to the farm worker, these trousers will not disappoint. With the capacious pockets fully laden I use the waist adjusters on the sides and draw cord fastening at the front of the trousers to hold them on tight. Together with the toggle buttons and belt loops, these trousers can be securely fitted to the wearer yet be flexible enough to be quickly adjusted as appropriate.



Although not a heavy pair of trousers, they are hard wearing because of a polyester cotton mix. The other great feature for me is the capacity in this model. There are two expanding bellow design leg pockets which are fastened by large buttons, two waist pockets and also a rear pocket.

In particular the attention to quality and detail on these trousers really impressed me. From the quality button fastenings (which I have never had to replace) to the waist adjusters, these are really well made trousers.

Finally, unlike some military trousers, these can be gathered together (bloused) at the bottom by the draw cord hem at the leg of the trousers. I have found this useful for keeping insects out of my trousers when out in the hills.

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Military Trousers  
Combat Trousers
Needing a pair of combat trousers? Combat trousers come in a range of styles, colours and camoflauges. Which ever style you choose you will be looking for certain characteristics in your pair of trousers.
As with all military clothing, true military trousers are made from tough materials with well stitched seams. There are a range of British Army and US Army combat trousers including desert combats as well as British DPM. Some of the best known military clothing manufacturers, including Webtex, Jack Pyke and Whipperleys produce combat trousers. These are all available from army surplus stores where the trousers are either new or in very good condition (Grade 1) and many people choose to buy over the internet to find the best deals.



Army Trousers - why buy them?

Many people choose to buy combat trousers for their tough charactersitics.

Quality hardwearing material together with well-stiched seams make for the best combat trousers.

Of course many "combat trousers" on the market are actually only made in the style of combat trousers and are more of a fashion statement than genuine hardwearing military trousers. However, buying your military trousers from an army surplus store or from a military clothing suppliers will ensure you buy the real deal and not a fashion accessory. Army surplus stores specialise in military clothing and as such will be able to provide you with the advice and service you need.





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Military Trousers
As with much military clothing, modern military trousers are a polyester and cotton mix which ensures that the comfort of cotton with the benefits of polyester of making the clothing hard wearing and resistant to creasing.

Older style combat trousers may be 100% cotton reflecting the material which was available when these were originally produced. However, because all cotton army trousers tend to be less hardwearing as compared to modern polyester cotton mix trousers, many people opt to wear cotton only army trousers for lighter work or leisure activities. These trousers remain very popular with those wanting a relaxed style trouser for fashion or simply because of preference for the comfort characteristics of all cotton clothing.

Carrying and storage capacity is provided by a number of pockets, often the largest of these being at waist height. For example the British Army soldier 95 DPM trouser has two waist pockets and one rear pocket. This capacity is vital in the field whether in combat zone or when hiking.

Many army trousers benefit from draw cord hems which ensure that the trousers fit well on the leg around the boot. Because a lot of strenuous pressure is exerted on army trousers, it is important to have high quality zips securely sewn into the fabric of the trouser. Buttons must be well fastened but this is often through mounting the button as a toggle so that there is a degree of flexibility in the buttoning of the trouser. A button sewn directly to the fabric of the trousers may be more likely to burst off during a movement.

The provision of belt loops is common on army trousers and these tend to be thicker than on standard civilian trousers to withstand the strains put on army trousers.